The Life of a Barber

The life of a barber is one that is both challenging and fulfilling. There should be a genuine love for the job for a person to overcome difficulties. To be a barber, the aspirant must undergo a training program that includes practicing skills for up to two thousand hours. He/she must pass a test exam to obtain a working license.

Barbers usually start working in other people’s barbershops. Some of them have to work on other jobs to supplement their income especially when they’re just starting their career. There is a chance that they will be let go of if they aren’t good enough yet or if a customer complains about their service. Fortunately, their speed, creativity, and competence improve the more they work on clients.

Because barbers’ profits depend on how many barber chairs they fill, it’s important that they know how to relate with clients well. They must be good in initiating and holding conversations so that the services are not filled with awkward silence. Also, since customers sometimes confide their problems to barbers, it’s a plus if they have effective counseling skills.

Barbers say that there are many advantages in their profession: they can choose their working hours, meet interesting people including celebrities, and participate in engaging conversations. The pay can also be great especially if they are skillful and they are positioned in an area where customers come in regularly. But more importantly, they get a sense of accomplishment knowing that they make other people feel more confident because they have improved their looks.

A barber’s life is more than cutting the hair of people who sit in their barber chairs. It involves hardships and rewards that are distinct from those in other professions – this is why many people aspire to become a barber even at a very young age.

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